President Trump’s reckless trade war is slamming American farmers, workers, and manufacturers in battleground states and congressional districts with lower profits and higher costs — and Republican candidates are refusing to fight for them.

From Florida to Montana, Republican candidates are betraying their constituents as the Trump administration’s reckless trade war goes on unabated — killing jobssqueezing small businesses, and driving up taxes on American consumers.




Over the months before Election Day, American Bridge will be holding Republican candidates accountable for failing to stand up to Trump’s trade war.





Here’s what you need to know about how Donald Trump’s trade war is affecting key midterm voters — and how Republican candidates have no campaign strategy on this issue.

1. Donald Trump’s reckless trade policy is already hurting voters in key midterm states and districts, and Republican candidates are failing to stand up for their local economies.

Local reporting from across the country has highlighted the damage done to farmers, manufacturers, and small businesses in numerous states. Meanwhile, it’s dodges and crickets from GOP candidates.

2. While Americans suffer, Republicans bluster.

Local and national media reports analyzed by American Bridge reveal a pattern: Republican House and Senate candidates in states hit hard by Trump’s reckless trade war are standing with Trump at the expense of their voters. They’re unprepared, fumbling easy questions and failing to articulate any coherent position on Trump’s reckless trade war because for these candidates, party loyalty comes first. They have neither a political strategy to help themselves, nor cogent policy solutions to help suffering constituents.

3. Republicans are failing to protect their constituents — just like they failed on healthcare and taxes. Across the country people are hurting because of Trump’s trade war, facing lower revenues for their goods but higher prices on what they need to buy.

Rather than stand up for American profits and paychecks, Republicans are backing President Trump’s reckless trade war. This cowardice fits a pattern: in 2017, Republican candidates failed to fight for their constituents’ right to affordable healthcare, opting instead to back their party’s plan to strip healthcare from tens of millions of Americans. Later in 2017, Republicans passed a tax cut that overwhelmingly benefits the very wealthy, while raising taxes on the middle class.

Now, with Election Day approaching, Republicans are again putting partisan politics over the people they seek to represent. Their message is clear: on the issues that affect Americans’ everyday lives — from healthcare to taxes to jobs and wages — Republicans will always put themselves and their special-interest backers ahead of voters.  As the American people face the consequences, count on progressives to hold them accountable.

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